Stay Awake 2021

Isaiah 40:31


Date: Saturday 27th February, 2021 

Venue: Your own home!

Time: 11:00-15:00

Charge: Free!


                                  11:00 – 12:30        Morning session


                                  12:30 – 13:30        Lunch


                                  13:00 – 13:30        Kids Session 


                                  13:30 – 15:00        Afternoon Session

                                  (15:00-16:00         Optional Prayer Ministry)

with David Wells

with Pippa Baker

The following link takes you to the Spotify Playlist of the worship for Stay Awake 2021!

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About Stay Awake

Stay Awake is a Christian Conference in Dorchester, Dorset.


It is a day full of inspiring and encouraging  talks, various workshops that will allow you to go further with Jesus, praise and worship throughout the day, streams for kids, and the opportunity to meet other local Christians. 

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David Wells

David Wells is an international speaker who has impacted the lives of multitudes of people. He is witty, relatable, and charming whilst delivering first-class information that can be used in daily life. In a world of ambiguity, David’s teachings are clear-cut, engaging and in the present. An absolutely joyful, fun and motivational person, and speaker too!

Pippa Baker 

Full time missionary, Pippa Baker worked in the Advertising industry for 6 and a half years in Central London. In 2017 she felt the call to  quit her job to pursue a life working with the Church all over the UK. Her passion lies in helping the emerging generation follow Jesus daily and worshipping Him with their lives. She helps lead One Hope Project, a creative collective encouraging fresh expressions of worship in the Catholic Church. She goes all around the country preaching the Gospel, leading worship and working with the next generation to be the beautiful and brave body of Christ.