About Stay Awake

Stay Awake, founded in 2018, is an all-Christian charismatic event with its foundation being Roman Catholic. It began after hearing God's call to run an event called “Stay Awake”, based on Mark 13: 32–37. As sometimes happens, initially this call was pushed to one side, however, around Easter 2018 there was a strong conviction of this calling that couldn't be ignored. From that point, every door started opening, convictions were confirmed, and Stay Awake began to flourish!

Stay Awake has since hosted three full-day annual conferences. Each day has been filled with inspiring talks, praise, worship, workshops and community, with kids groups, Mass, refreshments and dinner all making for a wonderful day! 


This event is for everybody; Bishop Mark has himself endorsed “Stay Awake” to all priests and deacons in the Plymouth diocese.


Stay Awake is an opportunity to come together with your family and friends, to ignite your faith and grow in fellowship.


It's time to Adore Abide + Arise!

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